We Asked Kids To Pretend They Were Dads. Here's What Happened.

"Happy dad... daddy fathers day!"

You might think that being a father is a piece of cake. 

But is it really?

To establish this once and for all, we asked a bunch of kids to imagine being their dad for a moment.  Fatherhood never looked this cute. Nor as... chaotic. 


"I would have no rules, you know what I mean," says a kid imitating his dad's voice.

"Yeah, you can do whatever you want. Uh-ha," he continues while stroking his fake beard.

"Don't do homework," another girl giggles. "Just eat... just eat candy."

Oh, young lady. This can't be good for you, now, can it?

Kids soon enough realized that the job of a dad isn't that easy.

The struggle of fatherhood is real and, judging their priceless reactions, these little ones are starting to see that too.

Watch the entire video below.

So dads! We love you. Thanks for all the love, fun and advice. 

We know it's not easy. "Happy dad daddy fathers day!"

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