Kids Confess Naughty Stuff They Never Told Their Dads. The Dads Can Barely Handle It.

"Was that what it was?"

Think you know your own kid? Think again. Because that little one might secretly be feeding your dog five popsicles a day.

Or so does this lighthearted video suggests.

Just in time for Father's Day, Jimmy Kimmel decided to ask people with their fathers on the streets of LA to share one thing they never told their good old pops before.

The poor dads did not know what was coming, and their reactions are absolutely priceless.

"So I took a hairdryer and started blowing the walls," one of the girls in the video giggles while telling her story. "And it burned all the walls. It started like..."

"Was that what it was?!" her dad interrupts, clearly in shock.

The struggles of being a parent are very real indeed. 

And these kids are definitely in trouble. Watch the entire video below.


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