This Kid Cannot Contain Himself After Parents Surprise Him With Trip To Disney

His sister, not so much.

Surprises are fun, especially if you're a kid. And arguably nothing could be more exciting than a surprise trip to Disney. Just ask Sean, the boy in the below video. 

His dad, Brian Curtin, uploaded the video to YouTube and explained that Sean "has the best reaction learning we are going to Disney World."

Having "the best" reaction to something isn't an easy feat but Curtin wasn't lying. 

Sean seems a bit down in the car and his eyes a little watery already. His dad says he was upset that they pulled him out of his last day of school early. But that disappointment doesn't last long as his mom hands the bewildered child a package that they "got in the mail." Inside, he spots Disney theme park wristbands. "How about we go there instead?" she asks and then reveals that they're going to Disney. For seven days!

In fact, the reason he was picked up early from school was to head down to Florida right there and then. The car packed already and everything.


First, he stares in disbelief.

And then it hits him. His heart can't take it.

He sobs joyous Disney tears and outstretches his arms in sweet victory.

He made sure to give his mom a big ole hug. 

Forget Disney, it's this mom and dad who made dreams come true. Per dad, the family had a magical time.

Watch his full reaction below:


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