This Father-Son Duo Is Doing Something About Climate Change –– One Comic Book At A Time

"I don’t care about the money, I care about people supporting this."

Jaden Anthony just wants to change the world. So he's turning his desire into action.

The 12-year-old Brooklyn, N.Y., native put together Kid Brooklyn, a comic series chronicling the adventures of its main character Kid Brooklyn, based on Jaden, and his sidekicks — also based on Jaden's real-life friends — after an alien chooses and entrusts him with super powers to help save the world from his species looking to take over the Earth.


But Jaden achieving his dream of producing his own comic book isn't to say he's done so. It's to bring awareness to the impact climate change and other environmental issues have on the Earth's future while also donating a portion of the money made from each issue to charitable organizations. The proceeds from the first issue of Kid Brooklyn will help support families without clean drinking water in Flint, Mich.

"Most kids come to you and say, 'Hey Dad, can we go out to a baseball game or a football game?' " Joseph Anthony, Jaden's father and one half of the Kid Brooklyn Comics duo said to A Plus. "But my kid was like, 'Dad, what's global warming?' "

Kid Brooklyn Comics took off a year and a half ago with Anthony's help in ensuring his son's vision would make it into the pages of a comic book.

"Kids are exposed to so many narratives now more than ever," Anthony said. "As parents, sometimes we struggle with how to introduce kids to what's going on. So using a medium like this that informs while entertains was that great middle ground of being able to deliver poignant information, but wrapped in an entertainment-driven wrapper."

Jaden shares the same sentiment as his father, noting that the comics are open to people of all ages.

"The best thing to do is to combine them both into one thing so I can get kids and people of all ages into opening their eyes about that stuff," he said.

The father-son duo have taken their project to this year's New York Comic Con, selling and promoting Kid Brooklyn Comics to a whole new audience.

The overall reception to the comic series has been positive, according to Jaden and Anthony. Anthony said that he couldn't believe he saw a man who purchased a Kid Brooklyn Comics shirt during the Friday portion of Comic Con wearing it the very next day.

"It's incredible to see fandom like this," Anthony said, "and it gives us so much excitement about the prospects of our future because here you have these super fans that once they really connect with the platform or brand, they really stay connected."

For Jaden, it's all about the fact that his work is getting out to a broader audience at his very first Comic Con.

"At least I know now [the work] paid off, that people are actually reading my comics," Jaden said. "That's the best thing."

On top of that, his main concern is raising awareness about the environment.

"I don't care about the money, I care about people supporting this," he said.

Anthony characterizes himself as being a "big kid at heart," but through the experience of trying to get the comic book to a publisher, creating a storyboard, and working out all of the small details, he's had the opportunity to bond and learn more about Jaden more than he would've had before.

"Being able to get a project like this that we both can really dig into was great in not only helping [me] spend time with my son, impacting and showing him about entrepreneurialism and business," he said, "but also learning from him and how passionate he is about a cause."

He said his son also taught him the importance of being transparent and caring about issues beyond the ones that one might face as an individual.

Looking ahead to Kid Brooklyn Comics' future, Anthony said that there will be more issues focusing on saving the Earth and also following Kid Brooklyn and his friends as they learn to work with their powers. Jaden will also travel to schools to talk about his work, and how comic books and philanthropic endeavors can work to enact change, according to Anthony.

"We're all kids at heart and we can learn a lot from our children," he said. "Sometimes we take for granted the impact our children can have on society because they're extremely honest and they don't mask any truth."

Learn more about Kid Brooklyn Comics here.

Cover Image: Kid Brooklyn Comics


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