Every Smoker Needs To Watch This Video Immediately

With one question, he makes people think about what they're doing.

Would you help an nine-year-old light up?

That's the question in a recent video uploaded by the YouTube channel whatever, but it gets better: this young boy asking for a light makes smokers look in the mirror.

The anti-smoking prank, which was probably inspired by this commercial, involves a young boy asking strangers smoking on the street to help him light his cigarette. 

"Why not?" he asks one stranger who won't help him.

"You're growing, and smoking is bad for you," she says in the video.

"Why do you do it?" 

"Because I'm stupid."

And in this way, the child goes around the street making people look inward at their own addiction, and the example they're setting for the youth. Others, however, actually help the child.

Check it out above and let us know what you think in the comments.

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