A New App Lets Soccer Fans Fight Homophobic Language Without Saying A Word

“You can never tell who is LGBT, so you have no idea who is being offended by abusive language or chants."

In an attempt to unite all English soccer fans, one organization is focusing on making sure LGBTQ fans feel comfortable at games.

Kick It Out is an organization that's dedicated to embracing inclusion and equality among English soccer –– or football, as they refer to it in Europe –– fans. In 2013, it launched an app that allows people to anonymously report instances where others shout homophobic or offensive language during a game. Since then, there's been a 59 percent increase of use of the app among fans.

And this isn't the first time organizations have gotten together to fight against homophobia and discrimination. Last year, soccer teams and enthusiasts stood up for the LGBTQ community in Mexico, England's Norwich City, and Australia.

A new short video about Kick It Out highlights LGBTQ folks who love a good game of soccer, but want the discriminatory language to stop.

"Of course if you are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender, going to games can sometimes not be as enjoyable as you like," one person in the film says. "The atmosphere can make LGBT people feel intimidated," one of the men in the video said.

Another comment from another man expresses the importance of acknowledging your surroundings and being more aware of what you say.

"You can never tell who is LGBT so you have no idea who is being offended by abusive language or chants," he said.


Watch the short video below:

(H/T: Outsports)


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