This English Bulldog Doesn't Like Seeing Humans In Danger — Even In Movies

Watch Khaleesi try to "save" Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Revenant."

Audiences have troves of advice for people in scary movies — for instance: don't go down into the basement, move out of that haunted house, and don't answer the phone or door — but Khaleesi the English bulldog is also a good backup. So when watching that trauma-inducing bear attack in The Revenant, this pup tried her best to save Leonardo DiCaprio from harm.


The 2015 blockbuster — which snagged Leo that coveted first Oscar win — features a scene in which his character, Hugh Glass, is brutalized by a bear (don't worry, it's just CGI). Upon watching this moment unfold, Khaleesi's protective instincts kick in and she attempts to alert the character of the imminent danger. As the video's caption explains, this canine "LOVES" the actor just as much as we all do and couldn't stand watching his on-screen persona get ripped to shreds. Seriously, if she were in the film that bear would have had to deal with her, too.

Khaleesi — who is hopefully a fan of Game of Thrones — is one-half of a big YouTube channel, which she shares with fellow English bulldog named Elvis. One of her pastimes is reacting to horror films and attempting to let the characters in them know when a threat is lurking. She has done this for movies such as The Conjuring 2, The Babadook, and Annabelle: Creation.

This is definitely one good girl — not to mention our dream movie date.

Check out Khaleesi reacting to the bear attack scene in "The Revenant" here:


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