Kevin G From Mean Girls Didn’t Become A Rap Star, But He's Still Doing Something Badass

We can't all be Kanye.

You certainly all remember "Mean Girls," and you definitely all remember the standout character, Kevin G.


His full name was Kevin Gnapoor. If you still don't recall, he was the "Math Enthusiast/Badass MC."

In case you need an update, here is the actor who played him, Rajiv Surendra, today.

Anyway, Kevin G didn't ultimately become a badass MC, but Surendra is still doing something pretty badass in the art world. He is an esteemed calligrapher, chalk artist, and designer.

His chalk art is actually very mesmerizing and the detail is insane. Here is an entire room he did in chalk.

He also does animals, like this awesome fish we need framed and put up in our homes.

He has even been featured in magazines, such as Japan's Clutch Magazine.

He also does some gorgeous calligraphy. If you're in need of wedding invitations, Kevin G is your guy!

Or if you need some new artwork for your butcher shop storefront, dial 1-800-Kevin-G.

As if all of that wasn't enough, this master calligrapher does henna for brides. Can a wedding really do any better than glorious artwork from Kevin G? No, it can't.

Yea, but it's all in a days work for this math genius, rapper, calligrapher, and swimwear-modeling master.

Kevin G is doing it right. Thanks for inspiring us to achieve some new #goals.

Keep doin' your thang, G.


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