Good Guy Kevin Durant Clears Traffic For Paramedics Responding To An Emergency

Not your usual Ferrari driver.

Kevin Durant is, objectively, one of the best basketball players in the world, and his contributions to the Oklahoma City Thunder's playoff run thus far are clear evidence in support of the fact. Fans of the team are soaking up every moment they get to see him play in case he decides to sign elsewhere in free agency, but even if he does, the way he connects with the community will make it hard to perceive him as a bad guy.

As the Thunder prepare to clash with the Golden State Warriors in the Western Conference Finals, Durant has presumably been focused on nothing but how he and his teammates can pull off another upset. According to Oklahoma City's News 9, though, he's still finding the time to do right by the people of the city. When paramedics were attempting to get through rush hour traffic over the weekend, a "silver Ferrari or a silver sports car" pulled in behind their vehicle with its flashers on, making way for them to navigate through the gridlock. The owner of that nice car? Durant.

"Once we actually get through all the traffic, this silver Ferrari comes over to the side and waves to my partner," EMSA paramedic Peter Radford said. "And my partner goes, 'Do you have any idea who that is?' And, of course, I'm clueless. 'That's Kevin Durant.' "

Not only did his help allow the paramedics get to one emergency call quickly, but also another soon after — a girl who had come to Oklahoma for cancer treatment.

"And they'd been all the way here from London, so it's this positive ripple effect that you might not even realize by doing these little acts of kindness," Radford explained.

Could it be a sign that Durant won't just up and leave from the community that's been so good to him during his years with the Thunder? Coming to that conclusion is probably a stretch, but regardless, the dude wins the good guy athlete award for this week. You can count Radford as one of his biggest new fans.

"All he did was be awesome Kevin Durant," he said. "The hometown hero."

(H/T: Bleacher Report)

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