Kesha Played Fairy Godmother And Helped A Couple Get Engaged At Her Concert At Disney World

All it took was faith, trust, and TONS of glitter.

Last weekend, one lucky couple shared a magical engagement at "The Happiest Place on Earth" with a little help from pop star turned fairy godmother, Kesha.


During Kesha's One Magical Weekend performance at Disney World's Hollywood Studios, she helped Joseph surprise his boyfriend Naveed with an onstage marriage proposal.

After pulling the couple out of the crowd as part of a "contest," Kesha pretended to blindfold and spin around both men while Joseph secretly got down on one knee. 

 Right before taking off Naveed's blindfold, Kesha asked, "Honey, are you ready?" He was. 

It went down. They yelled, "Timber!"

Technically, Joseph said, "Babe, I never knew I could love anybody in the world as much as you. Since the day I met you, my life has just become so much better. So, Naveed ... will you marry me?" 

And Naveed actually responded, "A hundred times yes." 

With a little faith, trust, and TONS of glitter, the couple embraced while the crowd cheered. 

Watch their dreams come true in the full video:


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