Saxophonist Kenny G And Singer Richard Marx Face Off In A Hilarious 'Drop The Mic' Battle

"... Your music made my son quit the saxophone."

Drop the Mic is always so fun to watch because it's not every day you get to see celebrities come up with creative insults for one another. And make them rhyme. 

People love it for the same reasons they enjoy watching Comedy Central Roasts or Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweets segment. It's all in good fun and participants don't take the words to heart. Plus, we've done embarrassing things and made mistakes, so these types of programs remind us to laugh them off and do better next time. 

In the most recent episode, which aired on Tuesday, saxophonist Kenny G and singer Richard Marx faced off on stage — and they didn't hold back. Kenny G brought his sax and Marx brought his singing voice to help bring their playful insults home. 


Kenny G. started the battle off. "I'm the biggest sax player in the entire world / I've got skills with these fingers / Just ask your girl / Your career went down the toilet so fast it was crazy / The only thing that saved you was marrying Daisy / I'll hit you so hard with every note that I can blow / You'll be covered by smooth jazz from head to toe / Sorry bro," he rapped. 

Marx hit back at him with, "I owe you a debt so I should leave you alone / Because your music made my son quit the saxophone / You started playing sax at the age of 10 / And from that point forward sax was never cool again / You calling me a loser / I don't think you understand / I go home to Daisy Fuentes / You go home to your hand."

With two more rounds between them, it was hard to guess who would take home the win. 

Find out in the video below:


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