Kenny G Played The Sax For His Fellow Plane Passengers, And It Was All For A Good Cause

Here's a positive plane story for a change.

Passengers on a recent Delta flight from Tampa to Los Angeles got some unexpected in-flight entertainment when famous saxophonist Kenny G serenaded them up and down the aisles.

Although we'd love this story no matter what the Grammy-winning musician's reasons were, we're even happier to hear it was all for good cause. The in-flight crew on this weekend's flight was reportedly raising money for Relay For Life, which benefits the American Cancer Society.

To help them reach $2,000, Kenny apparently promised his fellow passengers he would perform for them if they donated. According to TMZ, the goal was met, and Kenny kept his promise. His captive audience made sure to get the moment on video.


Delta thanked Kenny on Twitter later, and the musician replied that he was "happy to help."

Considering recent airline controversies, and the frequent stress of air travel in general, you might have started expecting the worst where planes are concerned. But stories like these are a nice counterbalance to all of that negativity. If only Kenny and the crew had delivered a baby while he played — then we could call it the ultimate feel-good flight.

Check out Kenny's performance below:

(H/T: Uproxx)


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