This Man's Life Completely Changed When Kendrick Lamar Saw Him Rapping And Brought Him On Stage

Where would we be without our idols?

When a guy named Logan attended the inaugural Okeechobee Music & Arts Festival in Florida, he had no idea how much it would change his life.


His brother, who goes by the Reddit name GetGowenz, said, "He was the first in line...9 plus hours. All for kendrick. His ankles were destroyed and some people he met was [sic] able to get him to sit down for like 30 minutes prior to the set by blocking out people so he wouldn't get stepped on."

So, when Kendrick Lamar — Logan's "favorite musical artist" — finally came on, he was standing front and center.

At some point during his set, Lamar began performing his song "u," which is about the reality of depression. This song meant a lot to Logan, as he was bullied in school and even wrote a 1,000-word essay on it for his college English class. 

Naturally, Logan began rapping the song word for word and Lamar noticed him in the crowd.

What happened next is what concert folklore is made of.

Lamar brought him to the middle of the stage as he delivered some intelligent and emotional words to the crowd.

He told the crowd of 30,000, "The reason i brought him on stage is because he was singing this shit with his motherfuckin' heart out, you dig what I'm sayin?" according to the Reddit post.

Even though they had never met, Lamar knew he had a deep understanding about the song's subject matter due to the emotion he saw in him from the stage.

Lamar went on: "Suicide is some real motherfucking shit and whoever out there feel that way, let this be a song to know that I understand. This man right here understand about that shit."

He then told Logan to hang out by the side of the stage while he continued to talk to the crowd and told Logan he was the reason he makes the music he does.

The emotionally charged up Lamar said, "You inspire me to make this motherfuckin album 'To Pimp A Butterfly...If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have my ability to express my motherfuckin' thoughts."

If all of this wasn't surreal enough, he brought him back to the middle of the stage and made the crowd cheer for him. They were so hyped up, they even had a little impromptu dance party.

Then even more magic began happening after the concert.

Not only did he become a bit of a celebrity at the festival, grabbing a picture with rapper Mac Miller and other concertgoers who recognized him, his life also began changing.

His brother explained on Reddit, "Since the concert...he is serious about losing his weight. He found a great girlfriend. He's taking school seriously. This has 100 percent been for the best of my brother and I'm so thankful he got the chance to join his idol on stage."

It truly is amazing when an artist is truthful and takes the time to thank a fan who he inspires. Even if he didn't know him when he wrote the song, sometimes it is simply written in the stars.

You can watch the craziness unfold in the video below:


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