James Franco Cannot Handle All The Puppy Love While Playing 'Pup Quiz' With Kendall Jenner

"Finn, calm down! Have some respect for yourself."

James Franco stopped by The Tonight Show to talk about his new HBO series The Deuce, in which he plays twin brothers and has discovered how much he loves acting with himself. Kendall Jenner was also on the late-night show to discuss Keeping Up with the Kardashians' 10-year anniversary and read a letter she wrote to herself when she was just 14 years old. But in between all that, Franco and Jenner got to play a sweet game with several adorable puppies. 

In a game of Pup Quiz, each contestant tries to answer an animal-related trivia question. If they answer correctly, they get an adorable puppy (or more depending on whether it's a Double or Final Puppardy round) to hold on their lap. If they get it wrong, their opponent gets to hold the sweet pups. 

In the past, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon has had fun playing against one of his guests such as Jared Leto and Tracy Morgan. But in this segment, he enjoyed being the one to ask Franco and Jenner the questions and award the puppies


Fallon quizzed his guests on things like the animal that can climb higher than any other on planet earth, the name of a dolphin-whale hybrid, and the number of pigeons living in New York City. But the best part of it all was watching Franco with all the golden retrievers and golden doodles piled up on his lap. 

He struggled to play the game as the dogs squirmed, climbed all over him, and licked him. The game was interrupted as an excited puppy named Finn gave Franco some sweet puppy kisses, licking him all over his face. 

"Finn, calm down!" Fallon yelled, laughing. "Have some respect for yourself!"

But don't worry, Franco was a good sport about it all, offering up infectious laughs and smiles throughout the game. Seriously, try to get through the whole video below without smiling. 


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