Every Month This Couple Posed In Their Garden Together, Then Life Happened

'Forever and always' exists and these images prove it.

Photographer and journalist Ken Griffiths captured these photographs of an elderly couple for the Sunday Times magazine. For twelve months, Mr. and Mrs. Sweetman posed for the same shot in their garden.

We can see seasons pass, having the impact on the garden and the couple themselves.

But nothing prepared us for the last shot.


Ken Griffiths started his 12-month series back in 1973.

He was taking pictures of an elderly couple named Mr. and Mrs. Sweetman.

The couple is always portrayed standing in front of their cottage house in East Sussex, England.

The series were titled "English Country Garden" as it depicts the variety of flowers and crops grown by the English.

Not only that, the monthly photographs also capture the dramatic changes in weather.

But the true drama is yet to come.

Griffith's last photograph shows Mr. Sweetman standing alone in front on the house, taking the side of his late beloved wife.

The series were published in The Sunday Times in 1974. Photographer Kenneth James Griffiths passed away this year at the age of 69.

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