Kelly Osbourne Being Real About Addiction, Relapsing, And Sobriety Is More Of What We Need

"This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life ..."

There's a lot of stigma surrounding discussion of sobriety and relapsing, but taking an open and honest approach — as Kelly Osbourne recently did — could help take the taboo out of it all.


The TV host recently took to social media to announce that she hit her one year of being sober, decidedly focusing on a celebratory moment as opposed to the fact that a relapse had occurred. That said, Osbourne didn't shy away from discussing how things hadn't been all sunshine and rainbows lately. In fact, they had been quite tough.

"This past year has been one of the hardest years of my life and I feel it's time to share that with you guys," the 33-year-old wrote on Instagram, alongside a photo indicating the achievement.

"To cut a long story short, things got really dark," Osbourne continued. "I gave up on everything in my life, but most of all I gave up on myself. Life on life's terms became too much for me to handle. The only way I knew how to function was to self-medicate and go from project to project so I never had to focus on what was really going on with me. Something had to give… and it did."

The former Osbournes star said she had spent the last year working on herself holistically — mind, body, and soul — and took time away from the public eye to take some time for her to heal. Beyond this she credits her mom Shannon, dad Ozzy, and brother Jack for being there for her as she went through recovery.

"I still don't know who the fuck I am or what the fuck I want but I can wholeheartedly confess that I'm finally at peace with myself and truly starting to understand what true happiness is," Osbourne concluded. "I'm sorry if I let anyone down it was just time for me to work on me! I love you guys!"

While Osbourne has been pretty open about her ups and downs since she was a teen in the spotlight, it's always refreshing to have someone own their experience — be it good or bad. It's no surprise, then, that Osbourne is great pals with Demi Lovato, who recently had a relapse of her own and promised that she would keep fighting.

If we're ever going to take the power away from addiction and the hold it has on some of us, we need more people like Osbourne and Lovato.

(H/T: People)

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