Kelly Clarkson Had A Great Reaction To Hitting A Wrong Note In The Recording Studio

"Just loop that."

If you're ever feeling discouraged, just remember that even ultra-talented American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson hits the wrong note sometimes. Earlier this week, the singer shared a video on Twitter from the recording studio when things got a little pitchy, and we're absolutely loving her reaction.

"... that time you think, damn I'm about to nail this ... and then you don't," she captioned the tweet, along with some funny emojis.

In the video, Clarkson steps away from the microphone and laughingly says to the camera, "Just loop that." (They did.) Next thing you know, she's literally rolling on the floor laughing. "You gotta send that — just that part," she gasps.

And in case you need any more proof that nobody's perfect, Pentatonix singer Scott Hoying responded to the video by writing, "STORY OF MY LIFE! I'm dyiiiiing."

"Scott, I couldn't breathe," Clarkson told him in response.

We love that Clarkson was not only able to laugh at herself, but was also willing to share her mistake with the world instead of hiding it. It's an example to all of us to take our little failures with good humor, and then just pick ourselves up (off the ground laughing) and try, try again.

Anyway, one fan summed things up pretty well by responding, "Even if the whole album sounded like this I'd still buy it."

(H/T: Us Weekly)


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