Kelly Clarkson Sang The Weirdest Tinder Profiles And The Result Was Hilarious

Foot fetishes have never sounded so beautiful.

Kelly Clarkson needs no introduction. She's a three-time Grammy winner, a platinum record machine and the winner of the very first American Idol in 2002. When she does anything, it's pretty safe to say people take notice. That's why Jimmy Kimmel smartly invited her to sing real random Tinder profiles as part of a bit on Jimmy Kimmel Live — comedy talent fused with musical talent is almost always an immediate watch.

Let's be real, online dating is weird. It's hard to sum yourself up in a few pictures and sentence, but people do their best anyway. Sometimes that comes out fine and other times, it comes out incredibly odd. Let Clarkson lend her voice to those words and something strangely inspirational happens. 


Check out some of the best profiles she sang:

That's just scratching the surface of weird, too. Watch the full video to see the rest:

(H/T: E!)


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