Kelly Clarkson's Incredible Reaction To Her Birthday Present Proves Just How Much She Deserves A Vacation

"Best surprise ever!"

Everyone deserves a vacation from time to time — and that definitely includes our mothers. 

This week, Kelly Clarkson turned 35, and the mother-of-two and stepmother-of-two uploaded a video to Instagram that shows what happened when she discovered her particularly exciting birthday present. 

"Woke up this morning to a birthday scavenger hunt that ended with an anagram!! Best surprise ever!" Clarkson captions on the Instagram post. Apparently, Clarkson's friends set up a secret girls trip to celebrate the singer's birthday. They also tell Clarkson that her mother and sister will be joining. 

"Pack your bags ..." Clarkson reads, putting together Scrabble tiles to reveal a hidden sentence. "Wait, what?" she adds, dropping her jaw and nearing tears. 

Her priceless reaction proves just how much she deserves the trip — and the internet seems to agree.

"I seriously just love how real you are!!! Have so much fun! You deserve it!!" one person comments on the video. 

You can check out her perfect reaction in the full video below:



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