Anyone Who Has Ever Lost A Four-Legged Best Friend Will Know This Story All Too Well

A waterfall of tears ensues.

When a four-legged friend enters your life, it's all rainbows and unicorns.

You finally have a friend that loves you unconditionally, wants to play with you from dusk 'til dawn, soothes you when you're down, and — let's be real — gets you a great deal of attention from the opposite sex.

But, eventually, all good things come to an end.

Your friend starts getting old. He's not as happy as he used to be, his tail is only wagging on really special occasions, he doesn't bring you the morning paper, and doesn't want to play fetch. He's sick. Until one day ... he's gone. And there's not much you can do except deal with the pain, and remember him once and a while.

That's exactly what artist Kelly Angel did in her latest comic strip titled "Good Boy," where she illustrates the life of her late dog Jay.


"Most people will tell you their dog is the best dog. They're probably right, I know I was," Kelly writes.

"He was put to sleep back in July of this year (two weeks before his birthday). He was wonderful and I still miss him. It took a while before I stopped expecting to see him when I walked down the stairs, or hear his tail thumping when he heard me coming.

Looking after an old, disabled dog can be hard but it's worth it. I like to think he's jumping around in doggy heaven, or in people heaven (there have to be dogs in people heaven or what's the point?)," she says in her post.

Check out Kelly's comic below and take a moment to remember your best friend:


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