This 9-Year-Old Loves Cosplay, But There's A Deeper Message Behind It

Alice finally found her Wonderland.

Meet Alice Lewis, a 9-year-old aspiring model and actress.

Yes, you read that right. At such a young age, this girl has already found her passion and is calling it life. Together with her mother, photographer Kelly Lewis, Alice likes to do elaborate cosplay photo shoots where she transforms herself into iconic pop culture, movie and history figures.

But there's even more beauty to Alice's story than the photos alone.


Alice and her adoptive mother Kelly posing together in retro sailor outfits.

Alice was adopted into the Lewis's family when she was 7-years-old.

According to Kelly Lewis, Alice already had six mother figures before finally finding, what she calls, a "forever home."

At the time of adoption, Alice decided to change her name after Lewis Carroll's beloved character from "Alice in Wonderland."

After Alice's elaborate cosplay photo shoots started rocking the Internet, a lot of people criticized the mentioning of her being adopted.

According Kelly Lewis, Alice is proud of her adoption and wants to share it with the masses.

"Alice loves sharing her story so that others might get inspired to adopt a child, an older one at that," Kelly says.

According to the mother, they use these photo shoots as a way to bond because they didn't have a natural maternal link.

These portraits also let Alice explore her identity and find keys to her own personality.

When we look at the characters Alice chooses to embody, it's hard to believe she's only 9-years-old.

Her personal heroines include Joan of Arc, Marie Antoinette, Wonder Woman and others.

We certainly hope to see Alice rocking those costumes in the big screens one day.

Follow Alice's adventures on Facebook, Instagram or visit her website. Also, be sure to check out Kelly Lewis's photography website and their family blog on Tumblr.

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