Yes, This 'Flash' Star Just Came Out As Bisexual. But We Need To Focus On The Real Message Of His Instagram Post.

It's time to stop obsessing over coming out stories.

One young actor is making headlines for coming out as bisexual on social media. While he makes this revelation very early on in his Instagram post, the media's obsession over that piece of information is overshadowing the larger message, and proving that we as a society are infatuated with coming out stories more so than what the person may be trying to tell us.

"I like to change my hair, I like to take risks with how I dress, I like girls, & I like guys (yes), I like growing, I like learning, I like who I am and I really like who I'm becoming," Keiynan Lonsdale's very personal and powerful note begins.

That being said, it seems that this is where most everyone's attention to the story stops.

We're not saying that other people aren't sharing the rest of the Instagram caption when reporting about what Lonsdale — who stars on The CW's The Flash — had to say, because they are. We're just pointing out that nearly every headline about this story pays no attention to the rest of what Lonsdale so thoughtfully wrote, and therein lies the problem. This fetishization of someone revealing their sexual orientation needs to become a thing of the past.


For the record here's what the rest of Lonsdale's open letter reads, sans interruptions:

"Spent way too many years hating myself, thinking I was less valuable because I was different.. which is just untrue. A couple years ago I was able to accept myself, & it saved my life, but now I've gotten to a new road block & I feel kind of lost. I gotta take the next step & actually embrace who I am, which is pretty exciting. Not faking shit anymore, not apologising for falling in love with people no matter their gender. I've become bored of being insecure, ashamed, scared... no one should feel like that about themselves, especially when there is so much good life to live. Ya know more & more I see so many young people being their best / truest selves, it's fucking inspiring... so what have I been waiting for!? Who knows. Everyone in their own time. I hope we can all learn to embrace who we are & not judge people who aren't exactly the same as us. The truth is we are all family, we're all one. Just love. Keiy."

This is a very moving story about how Lonsdale has come to learn to love himself and to accept who he is — no matter what others think. While this is wonderful news, Lonsdale also reminds us that this ever-evolving journey isn't over for him — just as it isn't for many other people in the world — and that there are struggles and setbacks along the way, too.

It is seeing others overcome challenges to be their truest selves that keeps Lonsdale inspired to continue the fight. And while he could be worried about what others think, he knows that this is no way to live life and, at the heart of everything, "we are all family, we are all one."

We should all really soak in what Lonsdale has written here. It's not a coming out story, it's a lightbulb moment that the 25-year-old actor experienced and is trying to share what he's learned with his followers and anyone else who cares to listen.

So did Lonsdale reveal himself to be bisexual? Yes, but we look forward to a time when nobody has to do that. And the first step toward that level of acceptance is for moments such as this to not make headlines for having someone reveal their sexual orientation to the world.


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