Here’s Why Everyone Should Be Talking About Katy Perry’s Latest Video

"The forecast is: conditions will worsen."

Katy Perry isn't just a pretty face with a killer singing voice, she's also a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador dedicated to improving the lives of children around the world. One of the biggest threats to children today are the effects of climate change; an issue she confronts in a UNICEF video.

While many people understand that climate change will have disastrous effects on the environment and wildlife, far fewer understand that humans will also face serious repercussions with the changing climate.

Dressed in a pantsuit like a typical TV weather woman, Perry gives a news bulletin and explains that extreme weather that results from man-made climate change will affect children around the world in different ways. As the most vulnerable members of our species, children will be impacted the most. Perry's forecast for children around the world doesn't look good.

California's drought is ongoing, which negatively impacts agriculture as well as increases the risk for wildfire. Increased tropical storms and hurricanes in the Philippines and in North America pose an incredible risk of children being displaced from their homes. 

While 800 children in Africa die each day due to mosquito-borne illnesses such as malaria, the number is expected to grow as the warming climate makes conditions more favorable for mosquitoes to thrive.

"The forecast is: conditions will worsen," Perry says to the camera.

Katy Perry and UNICEF know that for children living in these hard-hit areas, they face an unfair fight in life and are calling on others to stand with kids around the globe to make things a little easier.

Check out Perry's important forecast:


Join the conversation and use #FightUnfair in social media to raise awareness of this issue and contact local leaders to tell them to take action on this dire situation.

(H/T: TakePart)


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