Katy Perry Gets Kissed And Hugged A Lil' Too Much By Overexcited Fan, But She Handles It Like A Total Pro

Is this what true love looks like?

When pop star Katy Perry invited an audience member onstage her performance at the Rock in Rio festival last Sunday, she probably didn't expect to be met with complete and utter adoration.

But when the fan named Rayane stood next to Perry in front of the massive audience, she just couldn't contain herself. She hugged and kissed the pop star, showing perhaps a little too much appreciation. But Kerry handled the whole situation like a pro, and laughed along with crowd, and seemed to be having a great time.

At one point, Perry even held out her hand to be kissed, like the queen that she is. 


Worship the queen.

Rayane, of course, was quick to oblige, and later got to take a selfie onstage with Perry. 

We're not quite sure just how hard Rayane had been partying before these events took place, but we sincerely hope she remembers the experience forever and ever. And if she doesn't, at least the whole thing was documented on film. 

Take a look: 

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