She Came Out To Her Grandparents. Their Reaction Wasn't What She Expected.

Wow. Just ... wow.

When Katie Mathewson of Hollywood, Calif., got engaged to her girlfriend MacKenzie a few weeks ago, she was happy to share the news. When it came to telling her grandmother, however, she was hesitant. She still hadn't come out.

"I accepted the sad reality that that they'd never know the real me," Mathewson wrote of her reluctance in a post on Imgur, titled "This is what can happen when you come out to your bigoted and close-minded grandparents."


She had thought about coming out to them before, she told A Plus.

"I thought about it once when I visited them last year," Mathewson told us via email, "but we were standing on Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey and saw two women kiss and my grandparents reacted with a combination of shock and disdain ... so I kept my mouth shut."

But as the couple began to make wedding plans, it became clear to Mathewson that she had to tell her grandparents. "It wasn't until MacKenzie and I were trying to put together a guest list that I knew I at least owed it to them to tell them I was getting married and extend the invitation," she said.

So she wrote them a letter telling them of both the love she had found and her engagement.

Yes, you're understanding that correctly: she courageously came out and announced her upcoming nuptials in the same letter, then did the hardest thing anyone can ever do ... she waited for a response. 

Two weeks went by.

Yesterday, she received this letter.

Courtesy of Katie Mathewson

"My grandmother is Korean and English isn't her first language," Mathewson wrote in her post on Imgur, "but all I needed to see was 'what matters is your happiness with MacKenzie for the rest of your life ... No matter what may come, we still love you very much.' "

"It's not perfect or poetic, but it's genuine and it's love and it surprised me in the best way possible."

Katie (R) and Mackenzie: Courtesy of Katie Mathewson.

Mathewson tells us that they plan on marrying next August in Washington state, and are considering both Mexico and Hawai'i as honeymoon destinations.

Please join us in congratulating the happy couple.

Katie Mathewson can be followed on Twitter. We thank her for sharing her story with us and you.


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