There's A Purr-ty Awesome Surprise Underneath This Girl's Two-Toned Hairdo

Would you try this look?

People make all sorts of fashion and beauty statements, from "granny hair" to glitter roots and runway-inspired ensembles. 

And now, one girl from Russia's taking Instagram by storm with her cat-inspired haircut that pet-lovers everywhere can appreciate.

In a photo uploaded to Katichka's account, Katichka shows off an adorable pink and blue bob that Mashable appropriately noted: "looked like a wonderfully colorful interpretation of Cruella De Vil's signature look." Moreover, Katichka's cut features a portion shaved underneath her layers in the back to reveal the outline of a blue cat. 


We love the cut as both a means of self-expression and as inspiration for all of her followers who may be looking to get their own animal-inspired cuts. 

What trend will you try?

(H/T: Mashable)


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