Rose — Er, Kate Winslet — Finally Admits She Could Have Saved Jack On That Piece Of Wood

Knew it!

Rose has finally admitted that she could have kept our favorite couple from the '90s alive and together after all.


Whoops. Wrong GIF.

Kate Winslet was on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and during the segment, Jimmy brought up how fans still love seeing her and Leo together.

She, too, thinks that it's "lovely" that nearly 20 years since Titanic came out, people's hearts still melt when Jack and Rose "are in the same space."

Unfortunately (spoiler alert ... duh), Jack died at the end when he couldn't fit onto the piece of wood the couple was using as a raft after the Titanic sunk.

That's when Winslet finally admitted what we had all been waiting to hear all these years.

That dear ol' Jack could have survived by floating on the piece of wood, too!

She said, "I agree, he could have actually fit on that bit of wood."

In fact, the Mythbusters did a whole segment on how the raft was, in fact, big enough for both of them.

It is so much more dramatic, though, the way it played out.

If Jack survived, we all wouldn't shed so many tears whenever we hear "My Heart Will Go On."

So, maybe a little drama is good sometimes.

But we know they did make such a great on screen couple.


Watch the full clip below:

Somewhere lost in the Atlantic, Jack is still pondering this one himself, too.

You have our hearts forever, Jack.


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