Kate McKinnon Answers Questions From Unsuspecting New Yorkers Who Have No Idea She's The One They're Asking

"What are your thoughts on free will?"

New York City happens to be a great place to get scouted to ask celebrities your most pressing questions. Whether it's Emma Watson offering her best advice to people in a train station or Reese Witherspoon responding to questions about being an ambassador for the arts, it's always entertaining to watch unsuspecting New Yorkers interact with celebrities.

Most recently, the Vanity Fair team asked random people on the streets and subways of NYC to ask a celebrity a question they have. They had no idea that that celebrity would be Saturday Night Live star Kate McKinnon. In a video, they had McKinnon respond to the questions they recorded. 


Because they didn't know it would be McKinnon answering their questions, they asked broad things they'd want to know about any celebrity. They asked her what doing average things like grocery shopping is like. They asked what she dreams about at night and her biggest fears. When was the last time she cried? They asked how her celebrity status affects the way she interacts with non-celebrities. Would she walk down the street with a regular person? 

McKinnon's responses were humorous, but they also show that regardless of fame, people are people. They fear the same things, get silly songs stuck in their heads, and make mistakes at the grocery store.

One excellent question left McKinnon stumped, however. 

"What will you do as a celebrity to bring back unity and cohesion in our society?" one man asked.

"That is beyond the scope of this interview, but I will think about it every day for the rest of my life," she said. 

Maybe us non-celebrities should start thinking about it daily, too. 

You can check out more of McKinnon's responses to New Yorkers' questions in the video below: 


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