This Girl Was Insecure About Her Body, So She Made A Really Bold Move To Regain Confidence

"I look good."

Searching for the "ideal beauty" is like searching for an honest telemarketer. You can't find something that was never there.

Tall people want to be shorter; short people want to be taller. Girls with curly hair want straight hair, and girls with straight hair could kill for those playful curls. We could go on and on. 

New York City-based feminist vlogger Kat Lazo was only 10 years old when she first had her body confidence shaken. Shockingly, the culprit was her mother.

"I was 10 years old when my mother first told me how important it was for me to 'suck it in.' She claimed it was for posture, so I kind of understood but when she followed it up with 'You should do sit ups every morning,' I knew she was in the wrong," Lazo writes in her blog post.


Throughout the years, Lazo says she experienced some dramatic weight changes and despite that, remained pretty confident about her looks. But she admits it was pretty hard to "ignore societal beauty standards," especially coming from her own family.

"I wanted to silence all the voices in my head so I could hear my own voice. So, what better way to work through this hurtle than to make a video out of it?" Lazo says.

Take a look at the quirky video Lazo made titled "The Emotions of Weight," where she courageously hits the streets wearing nothing more than a skin-colored bikini.

The message Lazo is trying to send is that we all should spend more time embracing our bodies than worrying about an extra pound here and there. And, pardon us for echoing a cliché, but the most important person who can love you is yourself.

Visit Lazo's YouTube channel and read her blog for more inspiring and empowering stuff.

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