This Supermodel Showed Us How Pancakes Can Be Healthy Using Just 3 Ingredients

Watch Karlie Kloss make the yummiest pancakes in a flash.

If you've ever tried one of Karlie Kloss's "Klossies" cookies, you know that this supermodel has a knack for cooking and baking. 

In the past, Kloss has presented some of her favorite recipes on her YouTube channel: one for refreshing banana ice cream, another for apple crisp, and beyond.

Now, the supermodel's showing us how to make quick and easy pancakes using three key ingredients: bananas, eggs, and oats. She also adds vanilla, cinnamon, and berries to taste. 

Not only are the pancakes easy to make, but they're a healthy alternative to traditional pancakes; they contain extra nutrients like potassium, fiber, and protein that you're probably not getting from that just-add-water box of pancake mix.


And "who doesn't want that?" Kloss asks. (We're in!) Check out the full video below:


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