The Kardashians Share Their Most Embarrassing Moments — Prove It's Really OK

You're welcome.

With Kendall Jenner taking over the catwalks of Paris, and Kim and Kourtney's kids being the most adorable nuggets, it's easy to forget the Kardashian are only human. They shed tears of joy, have sleepless nights and, yes, they even go through a whole bunch of embarrassing situations.

Still not convinced these superstars are capable of feeling such a basic human emotion like embarrassment? Well, we have a video that proves they do.

The folks behind Cosmopolitan sat down with the Kardashian-Jenner clan to ask about their "cringe-inducing moments" and, oh boy, they do spill it all. 

Watch their confessions below.


So, the next time you feel really embarrassed about something you've done, remember that Kylie Jenner once pooped her way up the stairs to her room. One day, your embarrassing moment will make a great story, too. Promise.

Yup. Just own it.

(H/T: Cosmpolitan)


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