This Is Kanye West Like You've Never Seen Him Before

"Hello, my only one."

We're used to seeing him behind massive sunglasses, surrounded by bodyguards or fans that would give up anything to touch only a limb of the self-proclaimed Yeezus. It might be easy, sometimes, to forget that he's a dad.

But that's what this video is going to change.

Kanye West just released the incredible new single "Only One," created in collaboration with Paul McCartney and directed by famous producer Spike Jonze. The video features no special effects or flashy scenes -- actually, quite the opposite.

At the core of it is West, living his life a regular, everyday dad and goofing around with his daughter, North.


"Only One" premiered last night on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." DeGeneres revealed that the song was written as a sort of lullaby reminiscent of one that West's late mom sang.

The video perfectly shows that a father's love to his child is bigger than any sold out arena.

Take a look at the full version of the song and read the lyrics on West's website.

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