Watch This Makeup Artist's Incredible Transformation Into A Cartoon Man And Woman

Just when you think you've seen it all.

Makeup artist Kandee Johnson has done it again — this time, transforming herself into a half-man, half-woman cartoon for a look that's eye-poppingly awesome.

Ever since Johnson began posting to YouTube in 2009, her creative genius and entertaining persona has attracted a massive online following (racking up over three million YouTube subscribers). Her extensive portfolio includes Barbie, Snow White, Princess Jasmine, Marilyn Monroe and Donald Trump tutorials, among many others.

Her most recent video, featuring a bright, double-sided look with cartoon-like qualities, has over 600 thousand views — and it's easy to see why.


Johnson begins the tutorial with a bare face, bright blue contact lenses, and fiery red hair juxtaposed against a solid black background.

Then, using makeup and body paint, Johnson draws bold lines to accentuate eyebrows, chin bones, and jaw lines on the right side of her face.

On the left side, she adds a bright pink lip, dramatic purple eye shadow, and overdrawn eyelashes for an animated effect.

Johnson finishes the look with two different hairstyles, mismatching accessories, and a men’s jacket over her right arm. Voilà!

Johnson says she draws inspiration from a variety of sources, such as books and photos. She credits her latest look to her mom, who suggested the cartoon-like design.

Moreover, Johnson says she's "[fallen] in love with the power of makeup" and "how it can bring out a person's confidence."

"I always say that makeup is the key that unlocks your self-confidence. It's so much more than an 'exterior thing,' when you see a woman who's never thought of herself as beautiful, with tears running down her freshly-makeup-applied-face, and she tells you for the first time she 'feels' beautiful," Johnson says.

“That to me is the greatest treasure, that it's a little about the makeup but [also the] encouragement and love they take into their hearts,”


And according to Johnson, her videos have touched people in ways far deeper than anyone could have imagined.

“People, parents and teenagers started writing me stories about how my videos had kept them company while they were in the hospital, while one girl was homeless and would watch my videos to keep her company while her boyfriend worked and night and she was alone in the car they were living in,” Johnson says.

Another girl even wrote to Johnson saying that her videos saved her life.

“That to me is the greatest treasure, that it's a little about the makeup but [also the] encouragement and love they take into their hearts,” Johnson adds.

In a 2015 interview with E! Entertainment, Michael Kosta asked Johnson to explain how she maintains such overwhelmingly positive energy.

“The world is tough. It’s a really tough place. You need one person telling you you’re loved. And I don’t care how wacky your hair is, I think you’re still awesome,” Johnson responded.

Which is exactly how she ends her most recent tutorial:

“Remember, you are more beautiful than you know, you are more talented than you think, and you are more loved than you can possibly imagine.”

Now that's some transformative thinking.

Be sure to watch Johnson's full tutorial below:


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