After 3 Years, Woman Reunites With The Dog That Helped Her Through Her Cancer Treatment

Try not to tear up while watching the video.

Dogs can be so much more than nice cuddle buddies. They can be what gets us through tough times, and their very presence can encourage us to be strong. One woman named Kameroun Mares depended on her dog, Semper Fidelis, for all of the above. 

In the summer of 2013, Mares was 23 years old and undergoing chemotherapy for her acute lymphoblastic leukemia.That's when she met a husky puppy and decided to give him a forever home. According to ABC News, Mares also has Type 1 diabetes as a result of her cancer and was hoping the dog would encourage her to exercise more, which would not only help keep her sugars in line, but help her deal with her depression. 


She named the puppy Semper Fidelis, which means "always faithful" in Latin.

The dog, who she calls Semper for short, no doubt provided comfort during her battle with cancer, and Mares told The Dodo that he lived up to his name in that he was always faithful.

In 2016, Mares needed to go from Florida to California to seek treatment so her then-roommate agreed to look after Semper while Mares was away. It was during that time, that Semper went missing. 

Despite being across the country, Mares was dedicated to finding Semper.

The dog was microchipped at 3 months old, so she contacted the company and posted lost dog notifications wherever she could including online and social media. "For a year, I continued searching while in California, posting fliers via pet sites, calling 15 vet places around where I used to live over there about him, calling the humane societies about him, shelters ... " she explained to The Dodo.

When she didn't receive any leads, she contacted a private investigator, Ana Campos. The investigation showed that Semper had a new microchip name added on April 11, 2016 and the company apparently never bothered to see if there were any other names on it. The chip change occurred two weeks before Mares was alerted Semper was missing on April 30. What's more, the investigation revealed Semper had been put up for sale on Craigslist. 

Mares and Semper were finally reunited after nearly three years apart.

Campos shared the emotional video on Facebook and it will likely leave all animal lovers teary-eyed.

It's clear from the video that the bond between a human and dog can be so strong. And, in this case, it's apparent that bond is particularly strong as Semper is an important part of Mares cancer recovery journey. We hope the two of them continue to lift each other up. 

(H/T: PopSugar)

Cover image via EverGrump / Shutterstock


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