Kaley Cuoco Challenged To Sing ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Theme After Being Asked If She Knows The Lyrics

"After 200-something episodes, do you?"

Come next week's season 10 finale of The Big Bang Theory, the show will have been on the air for 231 episodes — quite the accomplishment. But how well does star Kaley Cuoco know the theme song that has seems to have been ingrained into all of our memories?

Before getting all musical on us, the 31-year-old actress began telling a story about how a writer's assistant began taking snapshots of the on-set action for memory's sake. As we saw on last night's Tonight Show, though, Cuoco is always cheesing for the camera whenever a photo is taken.

"Every picture, I somehow am smiling directly into the camera, not working at all," Cuoco said, with host Jimmy Fallon showing us three hilarious examples. It doesn't matter if there was an intense conversation going on or if Chuck Lorre was there, Cuoco is seemingly oblivious.

After that, Fallon brought up how Cuoco and Big Bang Theory co-star Johnny Galecki answer audience questions between breaks whenever the CBS sitcom is filming. This, of course, led to The Tonight Show audience getting to ask some questions of their very own.

The first two weren't all that exciting, but things changed when the final person asked whether or not Cuoco knew the lyrics to the Big Bang Theory theme song, as originally sang by the Barenaked Ladies. Cuoco seemed pretty confident, so Fallon threw down the gauntlet.


Watch Kaley Cuoco attempt to sing "The Big Bang Theory" theme song here, starting around 3:50:


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