The NFL Is Terrible At Dealing With Domestic Violence And This Fox Sports Host Called Them Out For It

The 'Garbage Time' host holds nothing back.

Katie Nolan, host of Fox Sports' Garbage Time, is fed up with how little regard the NFL, and just about anyone who is involved with the NFL, has for domestic abuse cases. In her latest segment, she addresses the case of Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, whose case had been dropped after paying off settling with his ex-girlfriend despite being found guilty of inflicting physical violence on her. 

After he served his suspension, he returned to the team seemingly unbothered by the accusations, casually saying he was ready to get back in the game "guns blazing" and avoided questions about what he had allegedly done. 

Nolan was none too please and blasts the NFL, Hardy and the media of their nonchalant handling of the situation.


First, she addressed his "guns blazing" comment.

Then Nolan furthers her argument for those who say she should get her panties out of a bunch, bringing up the fact that Hardy didn't just disregard his language with that comment, but the whole situation in general.

When asked about Tom Brady, Hardy then doesn't even talk about football, but asks about Brady's wife and sister. 

She has just had enough.

This isn't the first time the NFL has run into trouble with handling players domestic violence cases, most notably its handling of the Ray Rice case. Nolan is just tired of it.

"If me hoping that the league and the Cowboys and their PR people and the media act with a shred of decency is ruining football for you then I'm disappointed in how much we're willing to accept in order to protect our precious Sundays," she concluded. 

Mic drop.

Watch the full rant below:


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