K-Pop Singer Falls 8 Times During 1 Song, Only To Shows Us All How To Never Give Up

The show must go on.

There are many things to love about South Korea — from kimchi to its tech scene — but Korean Pop, often referred to as simply K-Pop, might just be the thing we love the most. 

And this video is just another reason to love it even more.


Meet GFriend, a South Korean girl group.

The six-member group started just months back, but the ladies are topping music charts, appearing on music programs and booking shows one after another like it's no biggie.

Their last performance didn't go too smooth, but certainly showed us all how to keep going. No. Matter. What.

Yuju, one of the group members, slips and falls eight times during their four-minute performance, Mashable reports. Rain and dancing is certainly not the best combination, but nothing will stop the K-Pop singer from finishing the song.

The first fall comes 23 seconds into the show.

Yuju gets back into her routine, but seconds later ...

The show must go on. And it does, even if that's Yuju's third time falling in a matter of one minute.

Most of us would have abandoned the stage already, but this K-Pop babe handles this like a pro. This and five more falls that are yet to come.

If their performance doesn't inspire you to never give up, we're not sure what will.

Make sure to watch the entire video below:

This YouTube commenter has it all figured out.

Way to go, Yuju.

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(H/T: Cosmopolitan)


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