Trudeau Reveals The Game-Changing Advice Obama Gave Him At The End Of His Presidency

"We step up when we need to."

During an interview on Meet The Press with NBC's Chuck Todd, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed the advice he received from former president Barack Obama. The world took note of the two world leaders' continued friendship when Obama spoke at in Montreal last June. 

On Sunday, Trudeau shared an excerpt from Obama administration staffer Ben Rhodes' book The World As It Is.  In the book, Trudeau said that Obama encouraged him to have a more prominent role in foreign affairs, per Business Insider. 


"Justin, your voice is going to be needed more," Obama said, per the excerpt Trudeau shared. "You're going to have to speak out when certain values are threatened."

Trudeau said he took Obama's advice to heart. 

"What I took from [Obama's advice] was something that was deeply reassuring and something I've seen all around the world," Trudeau said in the interview. "Canadians are — people recognize that Canadians, when we show up either as, you know, troops on the ground in a peace-keeping mission or as aid workers or as bureaucrats trying to rebuild an economy or help a multilateral institution, Canadians are there to help." 

Trudeau continued: "We step up when we need to. We're going to be polite, but we're also not going to be pushed around. That need to be firm about projecting our values and defending not just our citizens, but citizens around the world in positive ways is what I consider the responsibility we have as Canadians, and what I'll do as a leader."

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