Justin Trudeau Just Made Sure These High School Students Will Never Forget Their Prom

"We were stoked."

Justin Trudeau is an admired world leader, a self-declared feminist, and now, an excellent (albeit highly sought after) photobomber.

Somewhere in between leading Canada and winning the world over with his good looks and charm, Prime Minister Trudeau managed to squeeze in a jog this past weekend. According to The Independent, the politician was actually taking a jaunt around the Stanley Park seawall in Vancouver as part of a "side project" with his photographer Adam Scotti intended to document all the places he runs, when he happened upon a gaggle of high school students taking picturesque prom photos.

Always one to please the people and have some fun, Trudeau took a break from his jog and posed with the unsuspecting prom goers who soon realized they had one high-powered photobomber in their midst.



"I run. Tommy runs. The boss runs. This is part of a little side project to document the places we go and the runs we go on," Scotti explained in the caption. "Sometimes it's just scenic shots, other times, it's running past an unsuspecting grad group - half clued in, others were more distracted by the ginger with the camera." 

Calling the encounter a "memorable moment for all," Scotti added, "I always love to watch people's faces as they realise who just ran past, often several paces after he has passed."

One of the resulting prom photos, below, is a snapshot the students won't soon forget.


Prom-goer Constantine Maragos insists she and her pals were well aware Trudeau had jogged past them, and were "stoked" when he agreed to stop and take some pictures. "We were just taking photos and hanging around talking, and then Trudeau, he just comes running," she recalled to the CBC

Scotti has amassed quite a following since he began photographing Trudeau full time in 2014, and many have likened his memorable photos to the ones taken by Pete Souza, the former Chief Official White House Photographer for President Obama.

Earlier this month, Scotti shared some sweet snaps of Trudeau's youngest son, Hadrien, visiting his dad at the office, but now it's back to business as the PM heads to the upcoming NATO and G7 summits in Europe.


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