Justin Trudeau Out-Goslings Ryan Gosling With Hilarious Feminist Memes

"You really should be a feminist because..."

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has never been shy about his support of feminism, much like everyone's favorite Hollywood heartthrob.


In a recent interview with Vox, Trudeau was asked about the huge reactions he gets online and in the media whenever he speaks about gender equality.

"I will keep saying [I believe in gender equality] until there is no more reaction to that when I say it," Trudeau said in the video.

"If you're a progressive, you really should be a feminist because it's about equality, it's about respect, it's about making the best of the world that we have," he added.

The interview also featured a discussion on the type of positive role models that promote feminism. Trudeau said that his role models for gender equality were his parents (the former Prime Minister and Spouse of the Prime Minister of Canada) and his wife, Sophie. According to Trudeau, Sophie challenges him to train their son to focus "on women's rights and women's opportunities."

The interviewer, Liz Plank, then asked Trudeau if he'd seen memes turning the already dreamy Ryan Gosling into an even dreamier gender studies major and advocate for gender equality online. Trudeau had, and agreed to be in a few memes for the Vox video.


Well said.

Cover via Drew Angerer / Getty Image


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