Justin Trudeau Had A Moving Reunion With A Refugee From Syria That He'd Welcomed To Canada Last Year

The pair had already met last year.

A year ago, Vanig Garabedian boarded a plane in Beirut headed for Canada. Before they took off, a Canadian told him to "go make Canada a better place."

When he landed, he was greeted with a handshake by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, who said "welcome home." Since then, Garabedian, who was fleeing the Syrian war and came to Canada as a refugee, has been making a life for himself in his new country.

During a roundtable with refugees and sponsors this week, Trudeau once again got to meet Garabedian face to face.

"When I met Mr. Prime Minister at that moment, he said two words: 'Welcome home,'" Garabedian said. "So imagine you are living in a war zone, you are leaving your home and you are welcomed by two words: welcome home." 

As Garabedian spoke, Trudeau wiped away tears.

You can watch a video of the touching encounter below:


Cover photo via Art Babych / Shutterstock.com.


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