Justin Trudeau Made A Pillow Fort In His Office With A Young 'Prime Minister For A Day'

Bella has some great ideas.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can't seem to stop making us smile these days. Earlier this month, he took his 3-year-old son Hadrien to the office, with adorable results. Then just this past weekend, Trudeau crashed a prom photo shoot while out for a run.

But nothing could prepare us for these photos of Trudeau with 5-year-old Bella from Manitoba, who got to be "Prime Minister for a Day" thanks to her winning entry in a CBC Kids contest. She and her family recently visited Trudeau's office in Ottowa, where the "Prime Minister for a Day" and "Prime Minister for Every Day" (just look at his T-shirt) got to work building a pillow fort.


CBC Kids shared photos of the moment, captured by Trudeau's photographer Adam Scotti, on social media. We love that even the blanket has a maple leaf print.

It's not hard to see why Bella was chosen as the contest's winner when you read her contest entry:

"As prime minster [sic], I would make sure everyone has homes and everyone is safe. I would hug everyone. I would make sure animals and the world around us are kept safe. I would make sure every Canadian is healthy. I would show kindness to everyone."

We love her ideas. Those in Canada will be able to hear more from Bella when CBC Kids' Canada Day special airs on July 1.

(H/T: Mashable)


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