Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Are Friendship Goals On A Bicycle Built For Two


It's been far too long since we've last seen Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon together. The pals, who love to make us laugh on both Saturday Night Live and The Tonight Show, took their friendship to Instagram for Memorial Day weekend and coined a new phrase — bro-biking.

Timberlake posted a video of the fun on his account. It starts off relatively normal, with Timberlake telling us he's riding a bike through the Hamptons. "So beautiful," he says, and rings the bike's bell.

That's when he tilts the camera to reveal that it's actually a tandem bicycle, and Fallon is in the other seat. "Bro-biking!" they shout, and proceed to ride back and forth past the camera, bell jingling all the way.


The only thing that could make it better is if they recited another "History of Rap" medley while they rode, but we'll take what we can get. We're definitely ready to see some of our other favorite BFF pairs try this out as well — from Jake Gyllenhaal and Ryan Reynolds to Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

If you're looking for a last-minute Memorial Day activity for you and a friend, consider putting bro-biking on your list. Just be a little safer than Timberlake and Fallon, and make sure to wear a helmet.

(H/T: Mashable)


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