Who Knows Justin Timberlake Better? Jimmy Fallon And Jessica Biel Decided To Find Out.

With a twist ending.

We all know that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake are best friend goals. They even took a test to prove it on Fallon's show a couple of years ago. But does Fallon know Timberlake as well as his wife Jessica Biel does? They decided to find out on Thursday's episode, in a new edition of the "Best Friends Challenge."

Timberlake, who is on vocal rest and therefore didn't speak out loud, wrote down a few questions about himself on cards, and challenged Fallon and Biel to guess the correct answers. The first questions were about his favorite rapper and go-to cocktail, and Biel proved that she knew her stuff.


Things got a little weird when Timberlake asked the question, "What is my safeword?" We'll leave it up to you to guess the answer, but it might surprise you to know that both Biel and Fallon guessed correctly. It certainly seemed to surprise them — and the audience.

Although we'd like to think that there was no prior planning for this game, the dramatic twist ending has us thinking twice. "What number am I thinking of between 1 and 5,000?" Timberlake asked. You'll have to watch for yourself to discover who answered correctly — and who stormed off.

Check out the full game in the video below:


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