This Couple Got Wasted, Recorded Their Love Story And Asked Friends To Act It Out

A better version of 'How I Met Your Mother.'

What a funny and unpredictable thing love is.

When Jillian Sipkins first saw Justin Willman, she thought, "Ugh ... a magician wearing a bow tie? Gimme a break." Four years later, they're at the altar, saying "I do's," and promising to love each other for eternity and beyond.

The Los Angeles-based couple just celebrated their wedding and knew their love story wasn't like any other. But they didn't feel like spending the entire weekend reciting it to all the wedding guests over and over again, so they used a creative approach.

Huge fans of Comedy Central's Drunk History series — where comedians get wasted and try to narrate notable events from American history — Willman and Sipkins decided to make their own version narrating the history of their relationship and show it to the wedding guests.


A bottle of whiskey, two bottles of wine and half-bottle of vodka later, Justin and Jillian were ready to spill the details.

But the best part wasn't even their drunken, giggly selves trying to eloquently explain how they met. It was their friends who acted out the entire thing as if it was a movie.

And so it begins ... they first locked eyes in Seth Rogen's Hilarity for Charity event back in 2012. But apart from few glimpses, nothing really happened.

Until six months later, when Jillian spotted Justin at the Nerdist launch party.

'Ding ding ding, motherf*&#er!' something clicked in Jill's head. She decided to approach Justin and they exchanged contact info.

Still, their love wasn't ready to spark for another year ...

Seems like the couple got really hungry (and thirsty) during the recording session. Can't lie — we'd love to see Ted from 'HIMYM' doing shots and gobbling pizza as well ...

The lovebirds finally came together in 2013. Justin recalls thinking he's going to marry this girl on their very first date.

And that's exactly what he did on Sept. 6, 2015.

Check out their full video below and just try not to think about hitting those #RelationshipGoals.

(H/T: BuzzFeed)


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