We Can't Pick Which Dance Move We Love The Most In Bieber's New Video 'Sorry'

Here's one for the club.

With Justin Bieber's new album fast approaching, he decided to drop off a new single just in time for the weekend.


The song is called "Sorry" and will be off his upcoming project Purpose.

Stickin' with his new dance and house vibe, Bieber picks up where he left off with "What Do You Mean?"

While we're not entirely sure why Justin is so sorry, it's the perfect song to grab your squad and dance it out with. Just take it from them.

You can go with the "I just can't control my body right this moment" technique.

Perhaps some synchronized booty shaking is more your crew's style.

If those don't work, you can always crawl it out. Just make sure you wash your hands afterward.

Whatever your choose, we're sure there's a style you can vibe with somewhere in there.

Watch the full dance video below. We can't wait to see who does their own dance to this track and makes it go viral.


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