Remix Of Justin Bieber's 'Love Yourself' Tells The Story From A Girl's Perspective

It's never just one person's fault.

It's common to say there are two sides to every story. Especially if it's about a couple's relationship going south — something Justin Bieber so wistfully talks about in his ballad "Love Yourself." 

But even Biebs drops the ball when it comes to telling the breakup story from both perspectives. His lyrics clearly suggest that the girl was to blame for their split up, and the only reason he even sings about it is because she keeps "hitting up his phone." 

What if that's not the case, though?

YouTube stars Yo Preston! and Kelly Kiara felt like the story needs to be straightened out and people need to be reminded it's never just one person's fault, so they remixed Bieber's song to include a response from the girl.

Warning: the video includes some NSFW language.


Listen to their version below and be reminded to never dump all the guilt on the other person:

(H/T: Seventeen)


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