Next Time You're Jamming Alone In Your Car, Remember Justin Bieber Does The Very Same Thing

Biebs is killing it!

If you think you and your buddies have game when it comes to throwing musical performances behind a steering wheel, wait 'til you see what Justin Bieber can do.

The famous singer/teenage heartthrob met up with James Corden, host of "The Late Late Show," and cruised the streets of Los Angeles to reminisce on some of his greatest hits.


Here's Bieber busting a move to the first chords of his signature song "Baby." Corden's already cracking up.

But that was just a light warm up followed by an utterly crazy hoedown minutes later.

In between their karaoke sessions, Bieber reveals some curious details about his life: Like the fact that he has so many Calvin Klein undies, he never wears the same pair twice — He just throws them away.

Bieber also discussed the romantic tradition of chocolate fondue, yelled "I love you" at some unsuspecting bystanders, texted a girl, and then seamlessly solved a Rubik's Cube. 

In short, he seems like the coolest person to share a car with. 

Watch the full video below.

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