Men Try To Read Real Tweets Sent To Female Writers — But The Tweets Leave Them Speechless

This isn't OK.

It's no secret that female journalists are the frequent targets of online harassment, and a powerful new video makes clear that sportswriters weather some of the worst abuse.

As we've reported before, only 9.6 percent of sports editors are women. It's not just hard for women to  land jobs in sports journalism, though — once they get the gig, they have to navigate the minefield that is Twitter.

That's why the Just Not Sports podcast asked men to sit down and read actual comments and tweets directed at Sarah Spain and Julie DiCaro, two prominent female sports journalists.

Like most "mean tweet" segments, things start out more lighthearted. However, the video quickly takes a turn when the men are faced with the choice of reading calls for rape and physical abuse to the women's faces. 

The video culminates in a gut-wrenching reminder that what you say online has real-world consequences.

"We wouldn't say it to their faces," on-screen titles read. "So let's not type it."


Watch the video below:


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