This Super-Dad Is Fighting Stigmas For His Daughter In An Amazing Way

She's a typical teenager in many ways, but there is one difference.

62-year-old Fred Willis has always loved drawing cartoons ever since he was a child. Once he had children of his own, he used his passion to create fun greeting cards for them and share silly dad jokes. 

Willis has five kids, but it's his 16-year-old daughter Jessica that inspires his amazing comic series, "Just Jessica." 

"Just Jessica is a character based on my daughter who Is a typical teenager in many ways except one difference," Willis writes on Facebook. "Jessica was born with Down syndrome."


Willis has never wanted other people to categorize Jessica as different. Instead, he wants people to understand people like her are more alike than they are different. They may just need a little extra help sometimes. 

So, in an effort to help fight the stigmas associated with disabilities, Willis shares his "Just Jessica" cartoons on Facebook

The cartoons are often inspired by things his daughter says or does. Willis takes photos of her each day, and then uses those snapshots to create a drawing. But sometimes he has to dig deeper to find something meaningful or funny to say, he told A Plus. 

Jessica really is just like any other teenager. She bakes and loves sweets, listens to music and forgets her passwords. What's more relatable than that? 

"You'll relate to her sarcasm, her wit and charm, her special circumstances and how much different she is NOT," Willis writes on Facebook. "More than anything we hope that "Just Jessica" will make you laugh and feel good like when you get a hug!"

To see more of his comics, check out the Just Jessica Facebook page

(H/T: Buzzfeed)

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